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Welcome to Dr. Cristina Zheng’s Blog. Here you can find articles on numerous topics related to injuries, rehab, fitness, general health and wellness information in order to get out of pain and return to doing the things that you love. Enjoy!

  • Arnold Schwarzenegger Deadlifting Barefoot Toss that $100+ pair of shoes in the trash! Well no, not exactly… but do set them aside from time to time in order to train your feet to improve your lifts. You may have seen weightlifters and powerlifters go shoeless at the gym. You may
  • Do your knees cave in during squats? What is it, why does this happen, is it bad, and should you fix it? WHAT IS KNEE VALGUS (KNEE CAVE)? Knee valgus, aka knee cave, is when the knee displaces/collapses inwardly (medially). This is most commonly seen during squats, but can also
  • With gyms closed during the COVID-19 pandemic, have you been running more? With a sudden increase in running frequency and/or distance, people are starting to experience pain in their shins, feet, and around their ankles. There are several reasons for this. COMMON CAUSE – Muscle Weakness THE FOOT The foot