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Dr. Cristina earned her doctorate in physical therapy from the University of St. Augustine. Through her experience in the insurance-based typical physical therapy settings, she recognized that she was limited in how she can better serve her patients. This is when Dr. Cristina founded FiTsiotherapy in order to treat her patients the way she would like to be treated – with personalized and attentive care, more time with her patients, all without the red tape that insurance places in typical physical therapy practices.

She believes in treating the patient as a WHOLE person and understands the importance of the activities and sports they would like to return to. With Dr. Cristina, you will not find the cookie-cutter physical therapy treatments that you would find in typical physical therapy practices. Her treatment approach combines evidence-based methods and sport specific clinical expertise to best address her patients’ needs and the demands of their sport.

Dr. Cristina specializes in treating the active population – athletes, weight-lifters, CrossFitters, weekend warriors, runners, recreational athletes, and fitness enthusiasts. Growing up as an athlete and as a long-time weight-lifter herself, she understands the importance of her patient’s active lifestyles and knows what it takes to help them return to performing optimally.

Her passion for wellness, strength & conditioning, and injury prevention has led her to pursue a career in bridging the gap between fitness, health, and rehab without the limitations from insurance companies. 

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Doctor of Physical Therapy

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Mother of Shibas


Health insurance companies continually cut reimbursements for physical therapy services and this trend is negatively affecting the patients. Bound by low reimbursements rates and with health insurance dictating your care, typical physical therapy clinics are forced to see more patients per hour in order to maintain profit margins. With this, the physical therapists are encouraged to see their patients for as many visits as possible while spending much less time with each patient as they are seeing 2-4 patients per hour.

Your physical therapist should take charge of your care not your insurance!


At FiTsiotherapy, our emphasis is on quality patient care over quantity patient care. We view the body as a whole and in doing so, we assess the WHOLE person not just the injured part. We figure out the source of the injury allowing us to treat you more comprehensively. Each patient will receive 100% individualized one-on-one care to help them restore pain-free movement and return to the things that they love. Our skilled physical therapists understand the demands of your activity or sport, and along with our quality care, we will provide you with the tools you need to restore movement and enhance performance.